1xbet sports betting bonus

1xbet sports betting bonus

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1xbet sports betting: what they are and how they work
Italian scandals
Scandal in German football
The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal
How to find out match-fixing?

1xbet sports betting: what they are and how they work

The 1xbet sports bets are an immoral form as well as illegal to achieve certain sports betting bonus objectives that can be a wasteland, a victory, the winning of a shield … and being illegal when they are then discovered, they are obviously legally punished.

Like every crime, even the 1xbet sportsbook draws a great threat against the integrity of the sport internationally.

There are several cases that involved players, presidents, managers and even referees who literally let themselves be bought or bought, to see the results of one or more matches changed in their favor.

Usually (but not always) are the lower categories or series to be involved as it is much easier to combine without attracting too much attention. Once you find the accomplice and made the agreement, for what concerns the 1xbet bets just find a trusted person who will go to the bookmaker to place the quota and make your money easy.

It is such a highly acclaimed problem that it was even a Simpsons episode theme, but in this case Homer played the role of a true professional. See to learn:
Italian scandals

Unfortunately, our country has been a protagonist in the last 30 years of some of the biggest scandals on 1xbet sports betting. Let’s review the ones that have created the biggest sensation:
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It is the Italian football scandal1xbet bets of the 80s. Definito Totonero, it happened in the Italian football championship of Seria A and B in the 1979/80 season. Players, managers and teams were involved, who made up games through 1xbet clandestine bets.

The companies involved in Seria A were Juventus, Avellino, Bologna, Naples, Milan, Lazio, Perugia and Pescara. While in Serie B they included Genoa, Lecce, Palermo, Taranto and Pistoiese. It was the first major Italian scandal in the history of sporting crimes and it caused such a sensation that the then UEFA President Artemio Franchi resigned.

Everything broke out three months before the European Football Championship that would be held in Italy, making it lose credibility not only in national territory but also internationally.

The appeal sentence saw the relegation to the Serie B championship of Milan and Lazio (with a lot of radiation of the president of Milan), the acquittal of Juventus and Pescara and penalties for all the others. Among the players instead the prominent names were those of Paolo Rossi and Bruno Giordano, who were suspended respectively for 2 years the first and 1 year and 6 months the second.

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The other major scandal that hit Italian football ended up under the name of Calciopoli and ran the year 2006, just the one in which Lippi’s Italy won the World Cup.

The charges that were raised in this case were of violation of rules on fairness, fairness and sporting probity and actual sporting wrongdoing. Among the suspects included the leaders of Juventus, Luciano Moggi and Antonio Giraudo, the Della Valle brothers for Fiorentina, Claudio Lotito for Lazio and the two referee designers Pierluigi Pairetto and Paolo Bergamo, as well as several referees of Serie A.

The executives of the companies involved maintained relations with the arbitrators in order to have ‘favorable’ referees during their matches.

Like most of the inquiries, this also started with telephone interceptions between the subjects involved. In fact, in the field of 1xbet sports betting there is a real ad hoc vocabulary.

The judgments issued were of relegation to the Serie B championship plus 9 points of penalization for Juventus who were also revoked the last two championships won, points of penalization but permanence in A for Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina, Reggina and Siena.

Among the people involved there was the radiation of Moggi and Giraudo, while fines and periods of suspension for all the others.

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Not even 6 years later, another scandal on the 1xbet sportsbook hits the Italian league: Calcio1xbet bets or Snooker. Also in this case the names of executives, players and companies of Seria A, B, Lega Pro and Cadet Championship emerged. The accusation in this case was criminal association aimed at fraud and sport fraud.

All emerged in the summer of 2011 following the investigations conducted by the prosecutor of Cremona as part of the Last Bet investigation. The prominent names this time were those of the captain of the ATAlanta Cristiano Doni and former players like Stefano Bettarini and Giuseppe Signori.

In total, more than 26 members and 18 companies were deferred with accusations ranging from illegal sport to the simple violation of the prohibition of 1xbet betting for card holders.

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Scandal in German football

The scandals on the 1xbet sports betting, however, does not only concern ‘our home’. In 2005, German football was also extremely shaken. In fact, it emerged that some arbitrators had been paid to adjust the results of some games.