Like a cop. The stunning battle of the supernovae once again decided to die suddenly

Outside the ice are friends, but when Laine comes to speak of hockey, Laine also feels great rivalry. He longed for Matthews to be ahead of the draft and became the leader. He did a lot for it, he won the gold from the junior world championship, then he was also seen in the seniors where he enjoyed the silver. Yet his wish was not fulfilled.

Toronto preferred to Matthews. A grown man who matured in Zurich, Switzerland. And Matthews made a glimpse at the opening ceremony, giving Ottawa four goals and taking care of a new NHL record. Better advancement in the Canadian-American league has never passed.

I Laine, who took second place sportsbook bonus Winnipeg, started well, with two points against Carolina.The scene for their first encounter was perfect. “I look forward to. He’s a great player, “Laine said. “They drafted us in the same year so people compare us.” He added.

For a long time, he stayed harmless, Toronto led in just 27 minutes, thanks to Matthews’ 4: 0 assistant to clear victory. “I’m playing bad,” he knew a self-confident shooter who compared himself to Alex Ovechkin. Why he can afford Silak’s speech, he showed in the third third and in extensions.At first, he quickly turned around the defender and lowered to 2: 4, then at the end of the basic playing time equalized and eventually ended his concert with a winning goal.

The goal that triggered spring memories. the first time they met Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel, the rulers of last year’s draft, their engagement decided a few seconds longer. At first, he headed for the courageous Eichel, and the face bookmakers comparison of the goalie did not fail, the reflected puck came to McDavid, and he made the quick contour.

The prolongation between Winnipeg and Toronto offered the same judgment and saddened the American again. Matthews came in front of the goal but did not make it. “The ice was already bad, it was hard to kneel. The goliant has figured out my intention, “said Toronto’s disappointed leader. Laine immediately hit the counterattack.The renumed two on one solved “after the sheepskin” – a violent blow.

Goal! The first hat-trick in the NHL.

“I knew if he fired, he would score. I know what a shot, “said Nicholas Ehlers, who led Laine against a single defender. “I knew we were going two at a time, but I’m going from the other side, so I decided to shoot. It flew exactly where I wanted to. An amazing feeling, “Laine said in front of television cameras.

” In the first four games we saw how much they are both extraordinary. The fans of both clubs are lucky enough to watch, “Winnipeg coach Paul Maurice said.