Östersunds FK – Zarja Luhansk

Sweden’s Östersunds is quite decent in the J Group, and is definitely saying the move to the next stage. At the moment it is considered to be one of the biggest surprises of the current EL course and can now achieve its goal. If, in the home environment, he defeats the rival Zarja Luhansk, he will secure the best 28 from the second place. Currently the first with seven points, the Ukrainian club belongs to the second place with six points.

The home FK won the very valuable three points in Zarja when he won 2-0. He then managed to beat Hertha 1: 0 in Berlin, then split 2: 2 with Spanish Bilbao and the same Betclic opponent three weeks ago 0: 1. In addition, Östersunds had to go through three pre-rounds and have already had ten matches in European Cups. The Swedish team is one of the few in the home league.

That ended at the beginning of November and the Östersunds took fifth place with fifty points, the way to EL will lead like last year only through the National Cup win. Home coach Graham Potter hopes his supporters will successfully finish a well-run ride. “Maybe the final step, we want to win before our own fans, it will be a very difficult match, but we all hope we can,” said English native Potter.

For the time being, guests have made two big surprises when they have won a striking 1-1 home win at Bilbao and then played Herth 2 at home. On the contrary, they last lost to German ground 0: 2, before the third Athletics have a one-point lead and before the Berlin total are points two. Östersunds did not play in front of his own fans, he won four times and only once drew a draw. Luhansku, on the other hand, is not doing well on outdoor playgrounds.

In addition to his success in Bilbao, he lost five stadiums in foreign stadiums. Zarja is not very proud in the domestic competition this season, with sixteen rounds Unibet online betting promotions played, six points with twenty points, and six points behind the leader of the Shakhtar. “We know that the three points will bring us closer to the spring part we really need, so it will be decided in Bilbao for fourteen days, where we will have a really difficult one, and this is what we want to repay the loss of the group,” said coach Yuri Vernidub.