Sinking Palermo intends

Guests are in a difficult situation, their loss in seventeenth place constantly. Apennine peninsula already knew, that this year must reckon seriously with Atalanta. Gian Piero charges Gasperiniho continuing excellent performance after another win, this time in Palermo, they were moved to fifth place in the table, plus the same number of points which has the fourth Inter Milan. Crotone last three rounds and lost his loss to seventeenth position again increased. At the moment it makes a whopping nine points. The big problem was especially uncontrolled duel to land Palermo, which was a direct confrontation between two teams fighting for survival. In subsequent rounds, Crotone, as expected, lost to Juventus, Rome, respectively. Crotone Atalanta managed to defeat only once in history. This happened even in Serie B in 2005, the result of 1: 0th Atalanta will therefore again a big favorite sports betting offers and any other result than a home win, would be considered a big surprise. Pets will be missing for injury Migliaccio, Melegoni and Konko. Guests contrast, reported only one loss, and although injured Rohdena. Lazio after previous hesitation against AC Milan found themselves suddenly out of the cup walls, but wants to rectify their situation. Perfect chance to have on Saturday evening when it becomes a guest in Tuscany. Empoli is certainly nehýří confidence. After two competition winnings Roman unit clashed with a lot of serious rival, he called on AC Milan. Within the last round he managed at home and five minutes before the end was thinking after Biglia goal for three points. But the joy he took the youngster Suso, who scored at the end of the buffer trEF and points are divided. And because it is now team coach Inzaghiho sixth place, ie outside the European Cups. On the other hand, from the fourth Inter Milan distinguishes him just one point so nothing is definitely lost. Problems could arise now the weekend when Lazio travels to Empoli. In it, he is against a whole to the country’s long-term fail to collect points and win. When the Biancocelesti rejoiced last he wrote to November 2005, which is already quite a few years. Lazio has since missed quite a long way and now we can be satisfied of a bright future. Whether it’s the willingness of management to invest in the team, current and potential pumped cadre, or whether it is a coach. This is Simone Inzaghi, who is doing an ambitious might well above expectations. His qualities are expressed I am a man who knows very well the environment of both rivals. Emilson Cribari as a former player Empoli and Lazio said, ‘Coach Inzaghi me very much pleasantly surprised. He was able to unite our team, to impress him his own face and introduce greater discipline. It also is not afraid to give a chance odchovancům. He has his own style, which his every player understands well .

Lazio did well, he gave him confidence, “says Cribari. If Lazio can talk about as a team in form, then Empoli is the exact opposite. Riccardo Saponara as one of the few players who went beyond Empoli, left. And overall, the team fails. The Tuscan club won for Sportingbet sport bet the last ten laps only three times and currently hovers above the relegation zone, albeit before Palermo has a pretty big head start. In the last race too much joy experienced when he lost to Inter Milan. A defender Giuseppe Bellusci knows that the situation is not entirely easy. “We have to improve, each of us has a lot of places where it can work. As individuals and as a team we have to play better to concentrate more. The error is on all of us. However, I think that we have the hope of salvation. It was from the beginning our main goal, and by the end of the league, there is still plenty of points and time to be rescued in time, “said the experienced defender. Sinking Palermo intends to fight to the last moment, although he did not yet been successful. A point will be difficult to look also at Friday’s předehrávce 25th round because his next opponent will be alone Juventus. For fans of Palermo is the current Sportingbet sports bets situation very sad affair. Once famous, and some models are presenting the club, which belonged to the worst table in the middle, has a glide worries. Palermo is famous as the seat of the eccentric owner and president Zampariniho, but as a club betting on young players with great potential. When things successful and Unibet online betting free bets met in Palermo good generation, then as a moderate candidate for the cup walls. Today, however, people in the stands Renzo best betting offers Barbera football tired. Palermo is sinking, it is currently up in 18th place and that was just on the glide zone. It was necessary radical changes, which, however, took place only on the coaching bench. Sicilian unit has the big league save coach Diego López, who has done similar experiments at Cagliari.