Slovácko – Bohemians 2: 0, the home helped the sticks, after a beat struck

The match has been decided in the last half hour, both attackers of domestic Kerbr and Diviš. He scored two goals in Sparta against another club from Prague.

“We did the worst performance in the season. We were worried. By force of will and morals, we gained three points and achieved the first victory. But it had nothing to do with league football, “said domestic coach Stanislav Levy. Bohemians after a home-shocking defeat with Hradec 0: 3 and no less surprising draw in Pilsen last defeated Sparta 0: 2. And the duel in Slovácko has boosted the start of the season.

“This defeat bites me very hard. I would like to win this game once, how did the Slovácko succeed.I did not expect to commit such stupid mistakes in the second half, after which we will get cheap goals. We won the winners, “said coach Miroslav Koubek.

The Slovácko in an attempt to win the first league victory attempted an offensive game, but it only resulted in territorial dominance. Most of the action ended in inaccuracies, the zero effect was also the effort of kicking the ball.

Not even Bohemians footballers combined their opponent. More often, however, they threatened attacks on the sides and were even more dangerous. After a quarter hour of play, active midfielder “Klokanů” Luts won the match with home defender Reinberk and from his passes Jindřišek hit from the outside of the line of bar and sticks.

Happiness stood at Slovácko also at 41.minute. Haškův center from the goal line wanted to kick off the home counter Rada, who hit the ball badly and only his stick saved his goal. After these promising goals and harmlessness, the Slovakian coach Bohemians Koubek strengthened the second half of the offensive by placing the attacker Kuchta. But the result was only a slight territorial dominance, which did not endanger the opponents.

Slovácko relied more on simple counterattacks. In 67 minutes, Bohemians lost their attention to the ball. The Civic, after a quick car crash, found free Kerbra, who scored a goal over the goalie of the Budínský goal.

Although the guests increased their activity in the end, they did not succeed.Closer to the goal was nine minutes before the end of Hašek, who had a good chance of overtaking the goal. On the other hand, in the last minute, the alternating Rabbit came to a break. His shot Budínský only went to Diviš and the ball immediately returned to the net.