Slovan overcame Minsk 3: 2 after the raids, Nagyovi helped the goalkeeper

As the main decision was taken by Rus Anisimov and Swiss Stricker, 8025 spectators, 3: 3 excluded, 1: 1 defeat, weakness 0: 0

BRATISLAVA. Instead of three points, only two. Hockey players of Bratislava Bratislava were also grateful for them. They won the second match in a row, and they seem to be out of the worst.

The Slavs beat KHL Dinamo Minsk 3: 2 after raids. Twice they did, but the guests always straightened.

The search was a clear matter for the home team, scored Nagy and Netik, goalkeeper Janus grabbed both host attempts. Finally home win

“We do not have three points, but we are happy for two,” comments Slovan Ladislav Nagy. “We have a lot of chances, but we do not have it, and we make it out of our opponent’s goalie stars. I hope it turns around.We finally won at home, “he added.

The first time Slovan led a beautiful action, as the NHL says tic-tac-toe. In the lead, the puck moved Nagy with Vondrkom and Nedorost shot the host.

Andrej Šťastný used the unexpected reflection of the puck from the back of the second goal. My mistake, cheap goal

In the 2: 1 position, Slovan could bounce back, but Murley’s barrel was only in the bar. He went straight to the Pen’s bench, and the guests settled – the inconspicuous Gavrus’s shot surprisingly passed over the otherwise reliable Janus.

“It was my fault, a cheap goal,” said goalkeeper Slovan. During the match, however, his team repeatedly held and grabbed both attempts at the final raids.

“I wanted to fix the bug and I’m glad it came out.The most important thing is that we won. For only two points, but in KHL each point is important, “added Janus. Nagyovi helped the goalkeeper of Minsk.

Only two games were seen from the raids – the home team turned the first two attempts and the hosts failed twice.

“I wanted to go second-third raid to look first at their goal. They sent me first, “Naga said. His attempt, goalkeeper Minska Miľčakov, knocked his back.

“He thought he was kicking the puck on me, but I did not touch him, he pushed him into the goal himself,” Nagy said.

The closest match is Slovan on Wednesday, welcoming Rigu on domestic ice.Voices:

Szczechura did not give up

Ellison did not give it up until the end of regular time. Shots on goal were 31:25 after 60 minutes.

Slovan did not take advantage of Kulakova’s exclusion, so the third ended 1: 1 indefinitely. Slovan minute before the end of the second part reached goal only high stick.

Right from the start of the second third, the home team could bring the lead and Nagy, but Laco did not hit the net.

Slovan played 77 seconds after the power struck Nogačova but did not use it. He was the only one seriously threatened by Raw.

The match started, it is broadcast by Sport 2HD.

BRATISLAVA.Slovan Bratislava players will go on Monday’s continental Hockey League (KHL) duel against Belarus Dinam Minsk in the same set as on Friday on Medveschak Zagreb. Belasí in this composition triumphed on Friday in Croatia, Jaroslav Janus will again appear in the goal.

Finnish coach Petri Matikainen sends the defensive pair Sersen – Sigalet, Foster – Baranka and Štajno – Mayor into the duel. Ján Brejčák will again be the second one.

Michal Vondrka, Václav Nedorost and Ladislav Nagy will be in the opening attacking team. Captain Milan Bartovič will present Tomas Surov and Matt Murley. The duo of Slovenian players Žiga Jeglič and Rok Tičar will be complemented by Libor Hudáček. In the fourth formation, Mário Lunter, Andrej Šťastný and Tomáš Netík are given the opportunity.