The Jihlava judges have tracks for four matches, they did not miss the Bohemians

The main referee Jílek, 1: 1, shot a penalty kick against Jihlava, although there was no misdemeanor. Slávista Škoda in an attempt to shoot at the gate first kicked home Šulek, then the ball swam and jumped to the ground. “Judge Jílek mistakenly ordered a penalty kick in the 60th minute against the home team for kicking an opponent. The penalty kick was ordered incorrectly, because there was no misdemeanor, “the commission said in a statement to the judges.

Penalty, the captain Bílek did not turn, Jílek did not influence the result.

On the other hand, Volunteer assistant, who had overlooked a clear offensive at the van Kessela equalizer.

“He misjudged the 51st situation.minutes, the goal of the visiting team should not be recognized, “says the statement of the Referee Commission, led by Michal Listkiewicz since summer.

The former Polish judge on taking up his position advised that his main goal is to get the commission back the confidence of fans and journalists lost to Dagmar Damková’s former leadership.

After the second act, the delegation suspended two matches for Jaroslav Kubr, who was unable to cope with the offensive situations in the Pilsen-Bohemians match (1: 1). The same rate was awarded to Peter Mrázek and Petr Atoníček, who in the second half of the match in Frýdek-Místek significantly damaged Ústí nad Labem.The first one did not spit at the end of the penalty and the bountiful rewarded the non-existent offside and the guests so in the last minute lost the goal to 2: 2. After the third round beside Jílka and Volunteer punished the border dušan Pospíšil who mistakenly judged the offside of the previous goal Pilsen in Příbram. However, it did not affect the result because there was a foul during the same situation. Major Hrubeš left the advantage in which the goal fell. And since he did not recognize him, he was punished with a penalty from which the Pilsen scored.

Against Sparta judges Penalty not ordered correctly

Another controversial situation in the third round of the judges was judged by the committee correctly.It was at the start of a small derby at the Bohemians, where the home player hit the hand of the defending Spartan Mazuch. Judge Martin Nenadal judged this as an unintentional hand playing.

“When assessing the point of view for the deliberate game play, the commission has identified with a referee’s decision that Nenadal has not scored a penalty kick,” the statement said.

The handwriting interpretation is very complex. It is judged whether the player’s hand was in natural motion, whether he played it inadvertently, whether he had a hand against the ball or the ball, whether it was shot close to the ball, etc.