The Olympic multiboy has attracted nearly 800 schools. Pupils test their assumptions

“More than 90,000 children took part in the Spring Pilot. We believe that this time it will be more than double the number of elementary school pupils. But we are not talking about the numbers themselves. Statistics and results from the pilot year clearly show that the performance of Czech school children is falling. On the contrary, the number of obese children increases dramatically. We want to change that. I believe that together with parents and teachers from all over the country we can prove, “said Jiri Kejval, chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee. On Wednesday afternoon, 773 schools entered the project, most of them coming from Central Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia South Moravian Region, on the contrary from the Karlovy Vary Region.The fastest schools could get a set of sports equipment, the most active ones will compete for sports with the Olympians.

At the start of registration in Louny, the pupils of these schools competed with figure skater Tomáš Verner in a trilogy and with the modern pentagon David Svoboda running . “The reactions of the children were great and the enthusiasm was to feel and hear. I would love to kick them for more than a day or a year if they bet via phone or tablet continued to do sports and care for themselves. Sport is the care of your own body, “said Tomas Verner.

The 2008 European Champion is one of ten project ambassadors. In Louny together with the Olympic winner David Svoboda he started with the children first in the warm up.This was also attended by Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Marcel Chládek, who performed several exercises and then competed with the ball in the ball.

“I am glad that pupils in the Olympic multibool will sport betting acquire basic motor skills, They will be able to personally meet top athletes, which will make the sport unusual and enjoyable. I am delighted that the project is aimed at all children, regardless of their sporting talent, “said Marcel Chládek.

Sazka’s Olympic multiplayer does not matter the performance but the involvement of children.Over the course of the school year, eight disciplines will be taught during the gym classes to test their basic physical abilities, such as explosiveness, strength, or speed.

During the semester, children can receive a sports report with an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses Tips for simple exercises to improve what they can not do. Teachers can also get an overview of their pupils.

“I like the fact that multiboys are testing general skills. But it is important that the children do not bonus to your first bet match each other, but only with themselves. Someone who is not as big and strong as his classmate now would be able to discourage comparisons, but that can be completely different in two years. Children need to enjoy sports and have the pleasure of improving.”At the end of the second half of the year, the schoolchildren who complete all the disciplines will receive a certificate specifying their type of movement and recommending a range of sports for which they have the assumptions. At the same time, they will get an overview of their neighborhoods where they can do the sports, and together with their parents they will be able to find the best sports opportunities.

The school can report to the project at

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