That is why I do not give any tips in the comments

The idea for this article has been brewing for a long time, but the final push has led to numerous complaints from the mom website on how much their time and effort is spent on homework with their children. The only thought that comes to my mind when viewing these posts will probably seem paradoxical.

That is why I do not give any tips in the comments, but I’ll try to justify your position here. My position in this matter is very simple: “a child does not have homework to do”.

But before you write angry comments, read on, please, and try to understand what I really want to say this phrase.

I in any case do not mean that the child does not have to do that he should not help, do not need to monitor the timeliness and integrity of homework, learning child studied in school or something. This all of course can and should take place, but I am deeply convinced that the interference of parents in the process of homework should be minimal !!!

I don’t have kids of my own, but a definite learning experience I have (more than 5 years of teaching in a leading University of the country and more than 10 years tutoring children of different ages). Some trends from my own experience got me thinking, why is it that every year more and more children are losing not only interest in education, but in General the ability of independent learning activities.

Children-Indigo and not only
Now it is increasingly common to hear about the Indigo children. Indeed, the world is changing rapidly and three or four children, Indigo can easily cope with all modern appliances and entertainment devices. They are not only free to turn on the TV or computer, but also easily select your favorite channel, cartoon or game. It would seem that kids really smarter, but how to explain the strange pattern that I observe all six years of my teaching.
The children of Indigo
And regularity, this is disappointing: the level of preparation of students is weakening every year, and between my release and the release of the current generally lies an unbridgeable Gulf. As my colleague said, a young (36 years !!!) Professor, doctor of Sciences, about wanting to go to graduate school this year: “They will tear our science,” and this phrase had not protable (positive) in nature.

Our students
This is not to say that students have become less intelligent, but, first, they are absolutely not interested in anything, and, secondly, (and this is probably one of the reasons for lack of interest) they are so accustomed to refined quite ready to consume information, do not know how to get to this information independently.

Of course, part of the reason for this phenomenon lies in the General devaluation of education is observed in our society. Because, first of all appreciated the presence of degree, not of real knowledge.

Another reason is the imperfection of our education system and ongoing reforms, only to destroy the achievements of the Soviet school, while not offering anything qualitatively new and most importantly effective. But this global causes, which affect the extent of the family is very difficult.

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